How to fix HP printer supply memory error?

How to fix HP printer supply memory error?

How to fix HP printer supply memory error?

How to fix HP printer supply memory error?

Supply memory error in any HP printers is one of the commonly found errors that required troubleshooting to bring it to the right functioning. This technical error will create some disturbance in the printers when it involves in the printing job. It will bring some issues with the printer as well. When you need trouble, you need the help of some HP printer technical supports. So, you may need to make use of the HP printer customer support phone number to contact them. However, there are some cases where you can try to fix the errors your selves. Continue reading to more ideas on them.

Supply memory error in the HP printers

Generally, supply memory error will be caused when the metal contact or chip on the toner cartridge does not connect appropriately with each other. They need to be connected with the corresponding side of the printer. In such error cases, the printer will not be able to detect the toner cartridge installed and so it will display the “Supply Memory Error” message. This error also might cause because of the faulty compatible cartridge where the microchip data gets out of date.

These issues can be commonly found on different models of HP laserjet Pro and multifunction printer models, particularly in the HP M1212nf printer and some other kids like Laserjet Pro M277dw printer models. This type of issue will sometimes happen after you replace an empty cartridge with the new toner. Before looking for the HP printer technical support phone number, you can try the following things to make your printer work again.

Lose packaging or protective strips

When you are trying to install the new toner cartridge, you should know that there are both orange protective and plastic clips. These are the things to make sure that the cartridge is not damaged whilst being transported. Each and every clip and the protective strip found across the drum have to be removed even before you are installing the new toner. Else, these will prevent your printer from printing the document. Clips are the easiest way to spot and stick out like a sore thumb. The protective strip is on the side of the toner. This will also have an orange ring that should be pulled in order to remove the strip or make of the cellophane tape to fix it.

Squashed metal contacts

When you need your printer to detent the toner cartridge has installed, you need to make use of 2 tiny metal contact that is connected to the corresponding the contacts found on the cartridge. The metal that is in contact with the printer that is on the toner will complete the circuit if the contacts do not been touched. The printer will consider that the toner is not installed. So, remove the toner cartridge and you can have look for something that will look the same as the microchip or two metal squares.

Now you can also visualize where these would connect insider the printer and look of the corresponding connectors that are found inside the printer. If you find that the metal connectors get squashed back, gently pull them forwards. This will allow them to connect exactly to the toner that you have installed again. It is also possible that the losing bits of packing material or packing materials or paper jams can also lead to making sure that that printer has to be clear before installing the new toner.
Broken plastic pieces

If the toner cartage is damaged along with one of the sides, so that the plastic slots have broken off then, it might not correctly fit inside the printer and similar to the previous reasons it leads to supply memory issues. The contacts will not correctly connect and the only way to fix the issue is to replace the toner cartridge. So, try to make use of such options before you call to the HP printer toll free number.

The bottom line

So, these can be the best solution to fix the issues before looking for the HP printer tech support phone number. Generally, when you are working with electronic and electrical things, you need to have some knowledge of the equipment and try to fix the issues.

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